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Inspiring beyond Eras- Dedication to Steve Jobs

Clouds at Dawn, Angkor Wat
Time lapse shot on 1 Sept 2011 (c) @saumilzx
iClouds was Steve Jobs last major contribution and his final keynote.
This will impact tech and travel, two areas which are close to all of us.

On a recent trip to Thailand/Cambodia for my travel projects, I decided to go PC-free. This was the first time I went without my Macbook on an overseas trip. I did have my iPad and an iPhone 4. And the camera stuff- a DLSR (Nikon), a Panasonix Lumix with an UW case (useful in rains too).

I had a local 3G connection on my iPhone. So with Personal hotspot activated, I could use my 64Gb wifi-iPad to go online as well. I did have a USB car charger, and a Tenda mini wifi hub (in event my hotel room lacked wifi). I used the camera connection kit, to backup to my iPad.

So how did the shooting go? It was great and I have to say I did not miss my Mac. The iPhone shots (panoramic, stop motions, videos to document a locale) were transferred over to the iPad via Photo Transfer App [iTunes link]. I also used Dropbox to backup my iPhone media online, as an additional option. Although uploading media can take time, it can all happen when you sleep. You just need to check if all went well, every time you wake up:)

All in all, It was not problematic. But I was trying to accomplish Photo Steam and iCloud with manual supervision. I was always concerned whether I was backing up all right. Were there duplicates of some at the cost of omitting others. Not even one shot need be lost! After all, I did need to delete media from my iPhone every few days (a 16Gb model, I had underestimated the value of iPhone shooting, being a regular photographer).

Wait a minute… this post is dedicated to Steve Jobs and how he inspires us right? Why am I describing my experience? Because the most lasting impact Steve Jobs will have on the tech world- apart from great design, innovation, and many other things… Is that

he built products which eliminated questions from technology

which were not needed in your solution or the overall experience.

iCloud will do many wonderful things- but as I learnt the hard way, it will eliminate a whole lot of questions which were distracting me from my basic work- to shoot and plan to shoot. Mind you, cloud storage has existed for years, but you still need to monitor and keep asking yourself about the steps you followed or missed, worrying about which version was in which folder or if the latest file was on the desktop somewhere…

So the next time you see a breakthrough Apple product, you can be sure, that it will reduce or remove most, if not all, unnecessary questions from an already existing technology. Keep this in mind when evaluating Steve Jobs’ creations, we will derive inspiration for generations to come, and learn from every magical product he unleashed to conquer… just about every personal computing era of his time.

Long live Steve- many Jobs well done.
Mumbai, India
16th October 2011