About me

Saumil Bhukhanwala is a Computer Engineer (MS Iowa State Univ, USA). He has worked in the fields of Digital Imaging (Photoshop plug-ins!), Mac UI automation, Digital Restoration of Art and Photographs. A campus job at the Iowa State Daily as a photographer, helped him sharpen his visual skills. He holds two patents in the USPTO but does agree that the patent system is a mess.

After years of experience around USA and New York, he is back in Mumbai, India- but you are likely to find him in Thailand, Angkor and Bali. He is now involved in travel content creation and mapping software at his travel company. Ruby on Rails is probably the way ahead? Not to forget ObjectiveC for iPhone and the iPad. HTML5? sure.

A cricket book with chess concepts

He also experiments with publish on-demand technologies for print and ebooks. In his free time, he writes/blogs about sports- Cricket, Chess, Table Tennis, 9-ball Pool, Snooker and Billiards but enjoys Soccer, Tennis, and Basketball as well. He does believe that sports can be unified with common scoring/playing formats from a wide spectrum sports.

web: www.saumilzx.com
sports blog: shotzx
tech blog: touchzx

email: info@saumilzx.com

twitter: saumilzx

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