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Modern technology, ease of travel, and creative media- expose us to a world of possibilities like never before in history. So it’s about time we convert are unique advantages into actually making the world a better place and live life to its full potential, like never before, as well. If we cannot convert all this information into real action, all our advances are zilch.

So apart from my views on tech, sports, photography & travel, I hope to explore different ways to view, analyze, or correlate ideas- simply because we have access to a crazy amount of interesting happenings around us. Maybe, we have to come up with better ways to share, discuss and debate issues. Find a common ground on a diverse planet.

If we can all agree on a minimum set of issues and priorities which affect us all, we do not then have to agree on every other matter which is of personal taste or not really within our control to address.

It is difficult to agree even on many basic issues, on account of idealogical and practical differences across the globe. But at least we can focus our discussions and analysis around fewer terms and parameters. The first step, therefore, is to appreciate all possible options and then reduce them to a set of priorities- which need to be addressed. If the world tries to talk about solving or improving everything, we will end up talking only.

So be prepared for interesting ways to look at things, some wishful thinking, and crazy ideas, and most importantly very relevant questions that matter to our planet and our lives.

Let’s explore the possibilities for the better!

Mumbai, India
18 June, 2010

My older blog posts from saumilzx.blogspot.com (pre-May 2010) have been migrated to wordpress. However, they are still retained at my blogspot blog, as many external links & tweets point there.

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