THE MATTERS OF A LEGEND #lessons along Tendulkar

THE MATTERS OF A LEGEND #lessons along Tendulkar

An ebook about lessons learnt by @saumilzx, following Sachin Tendulkar over the past decade(s). 

A book by a fan for the fans! 

In my view, fans must participate more constructively and support their favorite sport in direct ways, such as wiriting an eBook. It may be tough to find time, but sports and other forms of entertainment consume 10-20% of our day. If we improve, our sport does too! 


For whom: apart from cricket and Tendulkar fans, there are many aspects which relate to sports as such- from which cricket issues are derived. To simplify matters, the book uses twitter style hashtags for basic concepts and rules and interesting anecdotes. 

Availability: it was intended for 2008/09. But Tendulkar kept teaching us more in 2010. Finally, when India drew the test series in South Africa, (Jan 2011) and got a par/surplus home-away record with every test nation, I decided to put it together. Hopefully, it will be done by May 2011. Will be available on as a Kindle ebook, which can be read on Macs, PCs, iPad, and other mobile platforms. 

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