Sachin Tendulkar (Career x 0) if we do not win this World Cup?

Sachin Tendulkar (Career x 0) if we do not win this World Cup?
And if we win it, it will be (Career x 1)?

1. If that is what you think, there is a simple advice- do not put your kids into cricket or any team sport. You will only create nuisance for others. 2. If you see India in World Cups since ’92, we have never topped a league phase. We were typically 4th/5th overall. So Saurav Ganguly’s team was a success (2nd in 2003). Even if do win this WC, we have a long way to go to be a #1 ODI team. These knockouts are not extensive tests. (poor format to find a World Champion).

3. If you think the World Cup matches are the only few which matter then were we so stupid to critiicize or watch other 400-500 odd matches India played in two decades. Sure, these are important, but Tendulkar’s frquency of 50s (abt 50%) is about twice that of Ponting or Richards (25-33%), not any more unfortunately. ya, ya, matters and all that… wait for my book!

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